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Traces People Counting enables conventional IP security cameras with counting capabilities.

Key Features

  • Double-counting reduction system

  • Gender detection

  • Age detection

  • Heatmaps

  • Dwelling behavior

  • Employees tracking

Double-counting reduction

Significantly reduces the number of double-counting events. Best used in scenarios where staff members or service personnel have to use the same pathway with the customers.

Example: A security guard (courier/cashier, consultant, etc) can be caught by the camera in the area of interest, and counted multiple times. A double-counting reduction system filters such false-positive events from statistics.


Analyze customers’ flow and provide insight like information about areas of high interest that should be properly stocked and managed. Information can be split by different time ranges, days of the week, and months.

Dwelling behavior

Understand how long a customer spends in the area of interest. A deep analysis of this metric can lead to a better understanding of shopping behavior and an increase in customer spending.

Employees tracking

Monitor worker engagement with workplace-related tasks and track activities.

Architecture diagram

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