How to Connect

Traces offers multiple connection interfaces that can be built on top of the same REST API.


Build web, mobile, backend applications and interact with our API using your favorite programming language. We are using predictable resource-oriented URLs, JSON-encoded responses, standard HTTP response codes, and key-based authentication.


Connections are possible through custom integration, native Traces plugins, or other means provided by the VMS/NVR manufacturers.

SMTP gateway

The standard function of most cameras and NVRs is to send an email alert when certain types of events occur. Also known as SMTP push mail notification. Traces SMTP gateway receives an email alert, classify the source and forward the results to your system.

EDGE Appliance

Similar to VMS/NVR integration there are multiple means of connecting your cameras to Traces API through EDGE Appliance.

What option is right for you?

Talk to our Customer Success Engineers to get the most out of our technology or refer to this quick guide to learn more about every option.

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