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Development Quickstart

Get up and running with our API and start building AI-powered products today.
Working with the latest version of Traces’ AI can begin as soon as you follow these three steps:
  • Obtain your API keys so Traces can authenticate your API request
  • Familiarise yourself with the relevant documentation for your product.
  • Make a test API request to confirm everything is up and running.

Not a developer?

Talk to our Customer Success Engineer to get the most out of our technology without writing any code
Get in touch with the Customer Success Engineer now.

Obtain your API keys

Traces authenticates your API requests using your account’s API keys. If you don’t have a valid API Key contact your Traces Account Manager.

Read relevant documentation

We have documented the most common use cases for our API. If you are our current customer your version of Traces API may be different as we continuously release new versions and tailor functionality for your individual needs. Follow your cluster URL or log in to the Knowledge Сenter to see the latest updates.

Make a test API request

To check that your integration is working correctly, make a test API request using your API key. We’ve pre-filled some code examples for your convenience.


curl -X POST ""
-H "accept: */*"
-H "X-Traces-API-Key: YOUR_API_KEY"
-H "Content-Type: multipart/form-data"
-F "metadata={ "event_id": "ddf27b34-d3b5-41a5-b2a6-3873a589ec09", "camera_id": "b5271b30-aecd-4897-bc95-ff25c8466b9e", "timestamp": 1585840725 }" -F
"image_0=@customer_frame0.png;type=image/png" -F "image_1=@customer_frame1.png;type=image/png" -F "image_2=@customer_frame2.png;type=image/png" -F "image_3=@customer_frame3.png;type=image/png" -F "image_4=@customer_frame4.png;type=image/png"